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 CPE 135A

Product Name
CPE 135A
PVC Impact Modifier 
Technical Specification

Appearance White Powder
Chlorine content (%) 33-37
Bulk density(g/cm3) ≥0.48
Volatile content (%) ≤1.0
Screenings(0.9mm,20mesh %) ≤1.0
Shore Hardness (A) ≤65
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥6
Decomposition temperature(℃) ≥165
General Information
CPE 135A is odorless and nontoxicwhite powder. It has nice weather resistance, heat stability, aging resistance, low temperature resistance and fire resistance. It has extremely good compatibility with all kinds of plastic.
It improves impact resistance and toughness of PVC rigid products. Itis widely used in PVC door and window profiles, pipes, pipe fittings etc. 
Package, Storage & Transportation
N.W.25KG, double-layer packed, first packed in airproof plastic bag, then in woven bags. Stored in a dry ventilated place and avoid light and rain. Handle and transport in accordance with general regulations.