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 acrylic impact modifier

Product Description:ACR
 series Impact Modifier is a Weatherable Acrylic Impact Modifier used in rigid PVC products. It is a "core -shell" structure modifier, with cross-linked poly butyl acrylic as "core"and graft methyl methacrylate as "shell". It not only improves impact resistance performance of the product, but also increases the surface gloss of the product, and especially the weatherability of the product. It is especially suitable for outdoor products and broadly used in PVC profiles, sheets, boards, pipes, pipe fittings, etc.
Physicochemical properties: 

Index ACR-803 ACR-802 ACR-801
Appearance White  flowing powder
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.40-0.55 0.45-0.56 0.35-0.55
Volatiles contents(%) ≤1.5%
Particle(40 mesh passing percentage) (%) ≥98%
Product characteristics:
Compared to CPE and other impact modifiers, ACR series products have the following advantages:
(1). Imparts excellent low-temperature impact resistance. Excellent weatherability.
(2). Improves product surface gloss greatly. Wide processing range for high speed extrusion.
(3). Improves impact strength and imparts good rigidity of product.    

Application Character
Item ACR-801 ACR-802 ACR-803
Character For opaque products
Use Profiles, sheets, pipes, pipe fitting, etc.
Recommended dosage(phr) 6~9 5~8 6~8 5~8
Processing Aids 0 0 0~0.5
Safety, Packing, Transportation & Storage:
Packaged in 25 kg or 20kg bags and 250 kg or 500 kg super-sacks.
This material is non-dangerous goods for land, air and marine transportantion.
Avoid all ignition sources. The recommended maximum  storage temperature for this material is 45oC