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 dibasic lead phosphite

Product Name
Dibasic lead phosphite
Technical Specification

Appearance White fluid powder
content of lead(base on PbO), % 90±1.0
phosphorose acid(H3PO3),%  11.0±1.5
Screenings( 75μm ) ,%  ≤0.4
loss on drying, wt%  ≤0.4
General Information and Application
·It has excellent long-term heat stability and electric insulation performance.
·It has outstanding light stability and weather-resistant performance, for use in outdoor opaque PVC product.
·It has slight color in initial processing stages and high surface whiteness of products.
·good synergism with tribasic lead sulfate,in adding level of 0.1~2 phr.
Package, Storage & Transportation
PP intertexture bag with lining of film, 25kg per package