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 impact modifiers MBS

PVC Impact Modifier MBS Resin
Product Description: MB series product is a grade of MBS products developed with advanced synthetic resin technology, ternary copolymerized by Methyl Methacrylate(M), Butadiene(B) and Styrene(S). It is an integrated resin for improving impact strength and processing performance of PVC products.
Application Characteristic: It is widely used in indoor products such as PVC films, sheets, pipes, pipe fittings and granular bottle materials.
Physicochemical properties:

Item MBS-717 MBS-872 MBS-B22 MBS-730 MBS-707 MBS-564
Appearance White powder
Granularity(20 mesh passing percentage) (%) ≥98%
Percent Volatiles (%) ≤1.0%
Density (g/cm3) 0.25-0.50

Storage, Packing & Transportation:Packed in airproof plastic bag , then in woven bags with quality certificate , the outside of bags is marked with brand, company name, net weight of products,lot identification mark .

Avoid insolation, drench.
Stored in cool and draughty place , shelf life: one year.