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 internal lubricant G16I for transparent products

Product Name
G-16I Internal Lubricant
PVC Internal Lubricant  
Technical Specification

Appearance White or yellowish liquid
Chromaticity(Iodine, ≤) 6.5
Set Point (≤, ℃) 5
Flash Point(>,℃) 240
Specific Gravity(20℃) 0.92-0.94
Viscosity(20℃,mPas) 50-80
Index of Refraction (20℃) 1.47-1.48
Volatility(160℃, 4hr, <, %) 4
Acid value (<, mg KOH/g) 5
Iodine value (gI2/100g) 110-130
General Information
G-16I is Esters of unsaturated fatty acids and pentaerythritol. It is a kind of nonionic surfactant well compatible with PVC resin. Its interaction with the resin is useful for preventing adhesion and improving mobility during processing.
It is widely used in rigid and soft PVC production and plasticization. Applied in transparent products,such as granules, sheets, hoses and plastic shrinkable films. Also applied in food and medicine packaging.
The recommended dosage is 0.6-1.2 per 100 resin.
Package, Storage & Transportation
N.W. 190KGS in iron drums laminated with PE. Stored in a dry ventilated place and avoid UV, rain and fire. Handle and transport in accordance with general regulations.