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 lead stearate

Product Name
Lead Stearate
Technical Specification

Appearance White fluid powder
content of lead, %    27.5±1.0
free acid(base on stearic acid), % ≤1.0
loss on drying, % ≤1.0
melting point, ℃ 100~110
  fineness (pass a sieve with 0.075mm aperture) ,% ≥98.0
General Information and Application
·heat stabilizer and lubricant for PVC, outstanding heat stability and light stability.
·excellent synergism with barium and cadmium carboxylate. Kept in ventilative and dry place and protected against moisture, sunshine, fire and contacting with sulfide.
·for various opaque rigid and soft PVC products, in the dosage of 2 phr at most.
Package, Storage & Transportation
PP intertexture bag with lining of plastic film, 10kgper package, 20kg per package,750kgper package(sheet product)