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 magnesium stearate

Product Name
Magnesium Stearate
Technical Specification

Appearance White fluid powder
 content of cadimium, %   17.0±0.5
free acid(base on stearic acid), % ≤1.0
loss on drying, % ≤1.0
melting point, ℃ 102~108
  fineness (pass a sieve with 0.075mm aperture) ,% ≥99.0
General Information and Application
My company produces Cadmium stearate,which has the advantage in advanced technology , high purity and stable quality 
·excellent heat stability and lubricating performance.
·slight colour in initial stages, good light stability and weather-resistant performance.
·good transparency, no separating out during processing.
·remarkable synergism with barium stearate, epoxides or phosphites.
Package, Storage & Transportation
PP intertexture bag with lining of plastic film, 10kg per package. in ventilative and dry place and protected against moisture, sunshine, fire and contacting with sulfide.