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 methyl tin maleate MT80

Methylti Maleate MT-80
Brand No.: MT-80
Chemical name:   methyltin maleate
Technical specification

Items Specifications
Type MT80-1 MT80-2
Appearance White powder White powder
Stacking Density (25°C) g/cm3 1.09±0.02 0.8±0.02
Tin content (%) 42.0±0.5 32.0±0.5
Main applications
The form of the product is white powder. It is made from maleic anhydride and methyltin oxide and can be decomposed by heating. It’s poisonous, irritative and insoluble in water. The product with good heat stability, weather endurance and excellent transparency, applied in PVC heat stabilizer. Mainly used for producing rigid clear products, ABS engineering plastics, condensation catalyst.
General amount: 0.5%-2%
User notice
Package:      The product packed into drum with inner plastic bag, and the net weight is 220kg.
Warranty period: 12 months