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 methyl tin mercaptide MT181

Product Name:  Methyltin Mercaptide MT181
Ingredient:  Methyltin mercaptide heat stabilizer; Methyl Tin Stabilizer
CAS No.:57583-35-4
Formula:  C31H60O6S3Sn and C22H44O4S2Sn
                  The mass ratio of methyl tin mercaptide and dimethyl tin mercaptide is around 25/75.
Technical specifications

Items Specifications Executive standards
Appearance Clear liquid  
Color (Pt-Co) ≤ 50 GB/T1664
Density (25℃) g/cm3 1.18±0.01 GB/T13216.5-1991
Viscosity (25℃) mPa.S 60-90 GB/T12008.8-1992
Tin content (%) 19.0±0.5 Iodometry
Product Properties:
Heat Stability: MT181 has high efficient heat stability and good early color stability.
Transparency: The products processed with MT181 have superior transparency, clear color, little gas and no educt.
Process: The excellent high-temperature color stability and long-term dynamic stability provided by MT181. Without fouling, the time of cleaning equipment is shortened. It is suitable for all kinds of process of flexible and rigid PVC, such as calendaring, extrusion, injection and blow molding, etc.
Amount: On the same condition, less methyl tin mercaptide compared with butyl tin or octyl tin can achieve the same effect.  
Safety: The product of methyltin mercaptide has been approved by American FDA (21 CFR 178.2010) and certified by Germany BGA (IIA, 4C). It can be used in food packaging materials and water pipes etc. It’s safe and reliable.
PVC film (thermal shrinking packaging film, printing film, calendared film, twisting film)
PVC sheet (clear flexible and rigid sheet,istmas sheet, advertisement sheet, compound sheet)
PVC granule (granule, shell of electronic communication apparatus, etc.)
PVC building and construction materials (drinking water pipe and pipe fittings, chemical pipes, construction materials, profile etc.)
PVC medical apparatus (transfusion device, etc.), food packaging materials, daily-used appliances and others
Package, Storage & Transportation
N.W. 225Kg in iron or plastic drum. Kept in a dry ventilated place and avoid sunlight. The expiration period is one year. It is non-flammable and non-explosive. Handle and transport in accordance with general regulations.