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 zinc stearate

Product Name
Zinc Stearate
Technical Specification

Appearance White fluid powder
  content of zinc, % 10.3~11.3
free acid(base on stearic acid), % ≤1.0
melting point, ℃  120±5
loss on drying, wt%  ≤1.0
fineness (pass a sieve with 0.075mm aperture) ,% ≥99.5
General Information
The zinc stearate not only have light system zinc stearate which  was      produced by the saponification double decomposition method and was packed with 10kg per package,but also have the high-purity zinc stearate which was  produced by the melting method and was packed with 20kg per package inour company.Inhabiting coloring in initial stages and avoiding pollution resulting by sulfides.Good synergism with calcium, lead and bariumcarboxylate,improving the light stability of products.No toxicity.
It is widely used in in all kinds of rigid or soft PVC and polyolefen products. adding level of 1 phr at most.
Package, Storage & Transportation
PP intertexture bag with lining of film, 10kg or 20kg per package